Carriage Returns!

Hey there!

So… It’s been a while. Turns out “soon” equates to something like a month for me. For all 1 of you out there that are still following me, I’m back!

Or rather, I’m finally here to start.

The last month has been a combination of decent starts, horrible realizations of mediocrity, exhaustion from work, and a whole lot of Overwatch.

I couldn’t seem to find the motivation to put something out and every idea I thought of was quickly shut down for one reason or another. The goal for this blog was to give me some writing practice and to have a place where I could put my thoughts and ideas. Half of this seemed to work out – I’m writing a lot more than usual, but the whole “putting out my thoughts” thing didn’t seem to really happen.

So what’s the plan going forward? Well I’ve decided to do something to challenge myself to publish regularly (for a little while at least) by participating in the 12 days of anime.

For those who don’t know, the “12 days of anime” is a challenge for anime bloggers to write twelve articles over twelve days starting on December 14th and ending on Christmas day, December 25th. Over these twelve days, ani-bloggers will be writing about “a moment of anime from this year” that’s affected them in some way.

This means that I’ll be writing and publishing twelve articles.


I’ll probably keep the posts short – to save on time (and sanity), but consistent. So I don’t plan on dropping a single day on over these twelve. If this thing works out, I’ll hopefully have more motivation to write again later. Fingers crossed.

So to start out the twelve days, here’s my first article on “Winter blues” (only tangentially related to a “moment of anime” from this year). As a side note, I’d like to thank Emily (formeinfullbloom) for both introducing me to the 12 days and Yuyushiki in her excellent twelve days post from last year. You might not know who I am, but you-da-best.

Here’s hoping I post more just one article.

Thanks for reading,



Here’s a link to Emily’s Yuyushiki article at formeinfullbloom: click!

And you can find a better summary of the twelve days here at perpetualmorning: click me too!


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