[Twelve] Winter Blues

Oh winter, the season for joyous celebration. A time for family, friends, and loved ones to celebrate the holidays together in their cozy, warm, homes.

…You know, for those who can.

I’ve never been very fond of the winter. A combination of unfortunate accidents and lukewarm past celebrations has left me… less than excited for this season. For the most part, I try to keep my spirits up and optimistic, but the atmosphere of the season always seems to put a damper on my mood.

There’s something about the lack of sunshine and dreary weather that stamps out any feelings of optimism in me.


For those in parts of the world without seasons, please take me with you.

And so with the winter windstorm of misery knocking at my door, I looked to anime for some refuge. It’s time to continue my holiday tradition: dive into the blankets and watch some feel good anime. Last year I watched through Kimi to Boku, Yuyushiki, and Tamako Market. The year before that, Hanayamata, K-ON, and Love Live.

Holy Mugi’s eyebrows, Batman. That’s a lot of moe shows!

Yup. As much as I’d want to joke about hitting my anime low point two years ago by binging shows like K-ON, I did enjoy watching them. Those kind of shows operate by establishing pleasant atmosphere filled with relatable (or cute) characters and situations that keep you invested. It was a formula that I never grew tired of during those times and even now I find that those kinds of anime are something that I really enjoy. They let me get away from the seasonal doom and gloom and kick back with their fluff and warmth.


This year, I’ll probably not be headed down the moe path. I’m thinking of re-watching this year’s excellent slice of life, Flying Witch. It follows Makoto, a witch in training who travels to a rural town to continue her training away from her family. The show’s mastery over constructing a serene atmosphere really compliments its theme of ‘showing the magic of the everyday’.

For those out there braving the seasonal storm like me, maybe Flying Witch will give you some much needed shelter.

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