12 Days Retrospective


Today, about 8 minutes into Christmas, I posted my final 12 Days of Anime post for this year.

It felt pretty amazing, being able to complete the challenge that I gave to myself. Honestly, I wasn’t even sure that I was going to be able to make it. There were days where I had no plans or motivation to write, but I somehow managed. And I’m proud of myself for that.

Writing everyday is a strange thing. I needed to quickly hash out ideas the night before and fill in the details the next day. Writing takes a long time and my schedule didn’t really give me too much free time to write, but with some sacrifices to my sleep/friends I made time. Most of my posts were written without any research. I talked about my personal experiences and thoughts on anime and other related things so I didn’t need to fact-check very often. This made it easier on me, but I do think that I want to write something that takes more time and effort in the future.

I told myself that I’d be writing for myself and that it didn’t matter to me whether or not I got any views/feedback. But i’ll admit, it was nice to see. Seeing the view count, likes, and comment on my posts were something that I enjoyed a lot. It meant that I was putting out something that was in some way interesting to someone. I’d like to think that it gave me the motivation to finish this thing. So I want to thank everyone that’s given my blog and writing a chance.

So, going forward what are my plans? I’m not quite sure. I know that I want to write – these last 12 days have been some of the most challenging and fun times I’ve had in a while. I’ll probably try to maintain some kind of regular writing schedule, but we’ll have to see. I gave myself a mini-goal during this challenge: to try and attract the attention of a certain blogger that I follow. But I haven’t completed my goal yet so think I’ll continue. I want to better my writing enough that my thoughts and ideas can be heard by those that I respect the most (so not through convenient linking/sharing).

This will (probably) not be the last time I write. If nothing, I’ll definitely be doing this again next year, but I think that there will be something from me soon. Thanks again for all the support and, until next time.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays,


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