A Letter from a Line

I decided to take a break for writing after my 12 days posts to relax and refresh myself before getting back into things (definitely not because I had no ideas or anything). I wasn’t planning on putting out anything soon, but today I felt that I needed to write.

I was piled up with work all day today – work that threatened to push into overtime (and eventually did). In the middle of this hectic time, I decided to take a twitter break and noticed that Haruhi had put out another post, so I decided to check it out.

…That break turned out to last a lot longer than I intended.

Nowadays, it takes a lot for anything to get an emotional response out of me but Haruhi’s post really got me. I’ve been trying to sort out all the things I wanted to say and Twitter is a notoriously bad medium for getting your thoughts out without spamming your followers to high heaven.

So here’s a letter to Haruhi.


Friendly reminder that your work is friggin’ amazing.  It takes a lot to write something so personal and about a topic so controversial all in one piece. Even I felt anxious just reading your post. The potential for toxicity on the internet is something that anyone that been on here long enough will know. But most people are never on the receiving end, myself included. Starting this blog for me, meant accepting the possibility of this kind of abuse. And I was more than happy to have zero readers over having one toxic commenter.

In that sense, it’s pretty difficult for me to even imagine going out and making myself vulnerable to this kind of hate – even for a just cause. And this kind of cowardly thinking is definitely not going to help anyone. I read frog-kun’s post on his experience and friendship with Amelia and I remember wondering to myself what I would do in that situation. I eventually decided that I agreed with frog-kun’s decision, something that you may or may not agree with.

My thoughts are starting to mangle so I’ll leave with this: You have a kind of courage and articulation that I could never hope to replicate – and I admire that a lot. I’m glad to see that things are going well with Amelia and that you’re writing and happy because of that. The naïve optimist in me can’t see anyone ragging on you for your post so I’ll tentatively say that you don’t have worry about it.

I suck at trying to convey my thought through writing (thus the blog!) so if I said anything stupid, I apologize.

I hope to see more of your work.

Thanks for everything,


2 thoughts on “A Letter from a Line

  1. This means a lot to me. You might find yourself struggling to word the message but if you see it from my perspective, the fact that you brought this post into existence is the message. Celebrities might get penned letters from fans on a daily basis, but for someone with a mere 30 followers such as myself it’s a rarity. To then get that in the form of a personal note from a fellow blogger who I certainly don’t hold any stature above is truly special.

    I’m pleasantly surprised you felt that same anxiety, considering I was terrified while writing it. You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve had the most benign comments dissected and paraded around in front of others. I’ve rarely been more pained than when I’ve seen people I respect agree with my harassers because they managed to twist my words, take them out of context and misrepresent my character. Unfortunately you don’t really get much of an opportunity to fight back in these cases. Responding requires you to share a stage with the very same individual who has attacked you; as if you were equal partners. I don’t want any part in that experience again. ‘Never wrestle a pig. You both get muddy and besides, the pig likes it’.

    I can understand wanting to keep your comment section clean. If that should ever happen, I’ll be right there with you. With any luck that won’t happen. Just don’t write about highly controversial topics like “Sword Art Online is a 9/10 instead of a 10/10”.

    I can empathize with wanting an escape and to avoid getting involved. I don’t usually judge people for taking that option, although it depends. I made this point down in the sunshine award section but I cannot trust anyone who sits back and allows someone they know to be hurt while they have the power to do something. Most people however don’t have that power, otherwise by my own rule I would be stomping around angrily all the time. It also kind of conditional. There are so many issues in the world that if you stood up for every single one you’d quickly get burned out. I’ll still always hold on to the perhaps idealistic notion that those who don’t stand up are doing so because their well being is at risk. I could actually say a lot more on the topic, so don’t see this as a comprehensive explanation of my viewpoint, just know that it isn’t about absolutes.

    Anyway, it was an honest letter and I appreciate it. Moments like this one are timeliness and give me something I can look back on with pride. The world is better with you in it Carriage.

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    • Oh wow, this is certainly more than a single line!
      I’m super glad you feel that way and I always love to hear your thoughts on things. To be honest, I panicked a little in the time between my publishing of the post and your twitter reply – so I’m doubly happy for your reply.
      Again, there’s a lot that I want to say but I can’t quite put it to words. I’m not at that point where I’m comfortable enough with myself to make myself vulnerable to a wide audience, but in the small scale and in some time I’ll be right there with you too.
      I’d also like to return the sentiment in full – the world is a much better place with you in it!

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