Winter 2017 – Week 3: Dropping like Flies


Another week’s passed and we’ve got another round of anime to look at. We’re beginning to hit the fabled quality-drop episode threes and unsurprisingly those shows felt a little weaker than the others this week. I’ve also decided to drop a couple more shows, not because of lack of interest, but because of time. This is hard enough as is and it turns out that I’ve got less free time to write than I thought.

Anyways, let’s talk anime.

Miss Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon – Episode 2

This week’s Maid Dragon surprised me. It turned out to be everything I hoped it would be and more. As you may remember, after last episode I hoped that KyoAni would take the time to focus a little on Touru’s background, shining a more serious light on the dragon maid’s past conflicts and experiences. KyoAni’s real good at making their characters sympathetic and this helps us get attached to these characters. And they did just that.


The scene at the start of the episode with Touru and Kobayashi and the conversation between Touru and Kanna near the end really made me feel for these characters. I mentioned that these kinds of moments didn’t quite feel right given the tone of the series, but the latter conversation between the two felt perfectly natural. The atmosphere was masterfully created right as the conversation turned to a more serious note; the light music with the ambient afternoon lighting elevated this scene to greater emotional heights. These character aren’t human but are trying to understand humans in the same way that we, as the viewers, try and understand these characters. This scene captured this feeling perfectly and I’m glad to see that the show is going (at least partially) in this direction.

Otherwise, the episode was very solid. There was some surprise sakuga in the middle of the episode, which was super cool to see and the comedy was on point as usual. There was one joke in the middle that absolutely killed me and I’m sure there are other victims.

Maid dragon’s pretty damn good so far and I’m looking forward to more.


It helps that Kanna is pretty adorable.

KonoSuba 2 – Episode 2

Honestly, it’s hard to write very much about KonoSuba other than: “KonoSuba was KonoSuba this week.” Yunyun was formally introduced this week and her relationship with Megumin hasn’t changed from the OVA so this episode kind of felt a little same-y. The jokes and their delivery were funny as usual and the art-style – which at this point I think is intentionally terrible – has remained… consistent.

And otherwise, I don’t really have much to say. Maybe next week I’ll just post a couple of screenshots as a review.


Interviews with Monster Girls – Episode 3

I’m sorry people. I remember quite liking the manga and I don’t think that I had too many problems with the subject matter, but damn is my memory hazy. This episode teetered the series a little too close to harem genre. As far as I know, the series doesn’t ever go too far in that route but it’s still a bit too uncomfortable for me.

Another big issue I had with this one was one that I brought up with episode two. The show is at its best when it brings to light the day-to-day problems of the demis subtly and respectfully. This episode felt like it spoon-fed us viewers Sakie’s day-to-day Succubus problems without much grace. This episode told and didn’t show – the reverse being something that was done in episode one, but never repeated.

I really hope that Demi-chan improves, else this show might be a drop.


Scum’s Wish – Episode 2

Episode two of Scum’s Wish went in a direction I didn’t expect. The overall feeling of the episode felt a lot different from the first, leaving a lot of the run-time for comedic moments and I actually quite liked this change in tone. I knew that the depressing atmosphere of the first episode would be a little too heavy to carry through the whole series, but I didn’t think that a lighter comedic tone like in this episode, would work so well. For those who have read/watched it, the atmosphere of this episode felt a lot like Relife’s – serious some of the time, funny the rest of the time.

This episode introduced two new characters, rounding out the main cast. First was Noriko “Moka” Kamomebata, the archtypical princess-like character. I was a little annoyed at her entrance, but her small monologue on the train exposed more depth in her character than what I expected from my first impression. I liked this little subversion of my expectations.

Second came Sanae “Ecchan” Ebato, Hanabi’s only friend. I quite like Sanae as a character; I can’t fault any of the other characters for what they do, but Sanae seems to be the only one with pure intentions (episode preview notwithstanding). I felt like there was finally a character that I was comfortable rooting for… At least until I saw the preview, but I’ll withhold my judgment until that next episode comes out.

Scum’s Wish is still very good and highly uncomfortable and I definitely want to see more.


Gabriel Drop-out – Episode 3

Gabriel Drop-out remained relatively the same with this week’s episode. The jokes are still funny but as I expected, the show is starting to feel stale. Vigne is too angelic to be a demon, Raphi like screwing with people, Satania is naïve and the show’s punching bag, and Gab is a horrible angel. The characters aren’t much outside their predominant traits so there had to be some other points of interest to keep this show fresh, but so far there hasn’t been any.

Of course this is to be expected. Gabriel Drop-out is another one of DogaKobo’s many moe shows with the highlight being that it’s pretty funny. Although the show’s formula is starting to tire me. Unfortunately, cute girls and copious amounts of HanaKana might not be enough to keep my interest in Gabriel Drop-out for much longer.


Although the reaction faces are pretty good.

And that wraps up this week! I’ve decided to drop Fuuka and ACCA until I have the time to get through them. Although I get the feeling that Fuuka will eternally be on-hold for me unless I find myself with a whole lot of time. ACCA’s fallen to the basket of “anime-I-know-can-be-good-but-I-have-no-time-so-it’ll-have-to-wait-gaaah” along with Rakugo and previously The Great Passage. The last of which I managed to get through right as 2017 came along. I probably won’t write anything on these two, but we’ll have to see.

Anyways, I need to get this thing out so until next time, thanks for reading.


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