The Girl in Pink

This post isn’t like what I normally post. It’s only tangentially related to anime and I can’t guarantee its quality (not like I could for my other work), but I wanted to try something new. Hope you like it.

The girl in pink performs alone in an endless sea of lights. Before her stands the tool of her own destruction. Her partner, her lifeline. Months and months of blood, sweat, and tears have led up to this precise moment. Her shaking hands and beating heart show only a fraction of her wavering courage. The camera cuts to the girl and the countless lights shake impatiently as they threaten to devour her whole. Only a few meager moments separate her from her apex, or her fall.

A familiar voice signals the start. A voice, once warm and bright now only serves as the countdown to her demise. As the line comes to a close, the spotlight returns to the girl in pink. This moment is now hers and hers alone. It all starts with a single note, the beginning of her requiem and her first step towards the exit. The other players on the stage watch and wait in anticipation of this singular moment of initiation.

And as soon as it begins, it ends.

One misstep was all it took. Her note echoed through the stadium and ripped away all sound in its wake. The only thing left was silence. First came the shaking, then the deafening percussion of her heart. The sweat chimed in and her tears welled to the rhythm. The woodwinds of her lungs pushed harder and harder as her cords began to wail. Her symphony of sorrow came together as she began to fall apart.


“Cut to black.”

“Please let this end”

Her cries transforming to incomprehensible sobs. The girl’s orchestra of self-hatred and disappointment threatened to play on endlessly without intervention.

And that’s when it happens.

Right on cue, the spark, the flame, and the shadow dance across the stage to envelope her in their glow. The familiar touch of her close ones – her comrades in arms, her fellow performers, her closest friends, filled her with warmth. This was a warmth that only verified her failure, but contained an undeniable kindness that made her think “Maybe, just maybe, this is okay”. Wiping away her tears, she looks around the stadium and sees something mysterious. The countless, erratic, lights disappeared and in their place was a sea of petals. The stadium was dyed in a monochrome of same shade of pink that made up the girl. Her moment had passed and she had failed so why was she allowed to see something so beautiful?

Brushing away her companions and steeling herself once again, the girl performs alone in an endless sea of lights. She plays and plays, weakly and imperfectly, but she continues to play. She will struggle and fall but continue onwards, reaching out for that moment – when their feelings become one.

Credit to @RegitionLee for the header image.
For a litte more context, see my update post here.

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