Update: Six months and counting


Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since my last update post (and yes, I will say this in every single update post) and since some things have come up that’ll affect the blog, I figured that I’d write another one of these things. Also, as of tomorrow, it will have been six months since I created “A Carriage Return”. Woohooo.

Compared to some others, six months isn’t a very long time but I wanted to recognize the occasion a little because I honestly didn’t expect make it this far. I’ve said it before but blogging is surprisingly hard especially as a person who lacks a lot of confidence, ability to properly socialize online, proficiency in writing… Anyways. Writing for the blog has been a lot of fun and it’s seriously affected parts of life in so many ways (good and bad). And I’m proud of the stuff that I’ve managed to put out in these last six months; largely because they even exist, but I’m also pretty proud of how some of them turned out. I’m happy that I made it this far and I was certainly not planning on slowing down any time soon.

…Unfortunately, things have come up that’ll seriously reduce the amount of free time I’ll have for the blog. I was working for a year as a part of my university program, but the time has come for me to return to school. Normally I’d still have time for other things like the blog while doing school but I’ve also decided to keep working so I’ll probably won’t have too much time to write in between school, work, and well, friends.

But worry not, my dear reader! I’m definitely going to find time to watch anime and probably write up some seasonal stuff here and there. As well, I’ve had a couple ideas in the works for a while now and I’m sure as hell not going to let that go to waste. If nothing else, I do plan on doing the 12 Days of Anime again this year and since Love Live Sunshine’s getting another season in the fall, I can comfortably guarantee that this isn’t the last you’ll hear from me.

In the interim, I think I’ll try to get a little more comfortable on twitter and actually interact a little. So you can find me on there, probably. Thanks to everyone that’s helped me make it this far and until next time (which will hopefully be soon-ish),

Thanks for reading.


Link to the intro art right here~

5 thoughts on “Update: Six months and counting

  1. Congratulations on reaching 6 months! Your posts were always interesting to read and I’m sorry to hear that you’ll be very busy from now on, but real life is most important. Looking forward to your planned content.

    Also I really love this artist’s style. Great taste!

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    • Thanks a lot Remy, that means a lot to me. ^ ^
      Hopefully that content will be out soon. And I completely agree about the style; there’s so many good LL fan artists on twitter! (But you already know that, hehe)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Mmm you’re very welcome!
        Fingers crossed for that. But no need to rush. We all know you’re busy!
        Yessss you’re right about Twitter being a treasure trove for LL fanart (I’ve been slacking on Twitter recently so I need to take a page out of your book of resolutions, too)

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