The Story Doesn’t End Here


In recent years, I’ve found that the supposed end of a story of any kind isn’t quite as conclusive as I once expected it to be. And I don’t mean in a narrative sense (although some arguments can be made for that), what I’m talking about relates more to its impact on my interests, my understanding, and me as a person. In some respects, this is the logical result – it’s hard not to be affected in some way or another by the many thing you encounter in your day to day life and this is especially the case for stories. After all, their primary objective is to catch our attention and take us for a ride outside the confines of reality. Through fiction, feelings, emotions, ideas, and understanding can all be conveyed powerfully to anyone willing to watch or listen.

It’s obvious, I know. But this kind of crazy simple thing is something that I’ve really come to love.

Two months ago, I watched Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name. The emotions it tried to convey and the underlying story it wanted to tell made me realize how little I really knew about the world and myself.

Two days ago, Re:Creators reminded me how much fun it was to speculate about the intentions and message of a show and how much insight into myself that speculation would result in.

And yesterday, I finally got to watch A Silent Voice – a movie with so much to unpack, understand, and appreciate that it made my head spin.

These movies and shows, the light novels and manga, are things that I’ve become enamored with – even if I hadn’t cared much for them the first time around. No, especially if I didn’t think much of them at first. The capacity for these things to be loved gives them a lifeline that lasts as long as the last captivated heart. It’s self-perpetuating and almost organic, striving to live as long as possible and to deliver its message as many as possible – whatever that might be.

And I think that’s pretty amazing.

4 thoughts on “The Story Doesn’t End Here

  1. I think the things we’ve seen definitely shape the way in which we view other media and the world around us. The end of a book, or the end of an anime is definitely not the end of how it affects us.

    I haven’t seen A Silent Voice or Your Name yet (while I was lucky enough to get cinema screenings close to me, I don’t find going to the cinema easy), but considering all of the people who have had such positive things to say about them, I hope that when I do get a chance to watch them that I’ll also have them leave a lasting impression!

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  2. What a beautiful post! I can completely agree with what you’re saying too. After watching Your Name, it left me with such an impact that it actually changed the way i view relationships. Not just with my significant other but also my friends and family. It made me realize how easy it is to take something for granted and the feeling of loss that is conveyed in that film really affected me. I hugged my wife after that film haha!

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