[Twelve] Winter Wonder


This morning I was greeted with a scene of endless white. The first real snowfall of the year had come and gone the night before and piled up just enough for me to worry about the long commute to come. My one and only exam was scheduled at 9 a.m. so the regular late-ness anxiety was magnified a little more than 3 (cm) times the regular amount. I was, however, a little giddy about the possibility of re-enacting a scene from a recent anime episode but alas, I arrived on time and met a grand total of zero sleepy-eyed highschoolers on my way to class.

I will admit though that I was very ready to validate my internal assertions that winter sucked more than any other season if anything had remotely gone wrong today. I’ve talked about my general disdain for the winter in the past and this hasn’t changed very much over the last year. There’s just something about the freezing temperatures and lack of light that invites a kind of loneliness, irritability, and depression that’s hard to get away from.

But as much as my outlook on the season hasn’t changed, I’ve found myself a little more motivated to go out and take on the winter weather this year despite the dreary atmosphere. This year’s winter has got me almost… excited. Maybe it’s the relief of finishing another semester, or maybe I’m just looking forward to finally seeing friends again, but more than anything else I’m happy to finally have time to write again, and in the event that pretty much started it all.

This tiny shift in my enthusiasm level is just one part of the myriad of small changes that I’ve felt in myself over the last year both as a writer and as a person. I feel like I’ve grown significantly since that first winter-themed post of mine and it all started with this amazing celebration of ani-blogging.

So my 12 days posts this year will be somewhat centralized around the theme of “change”. I can’t promise that it’ll hold for all of my posts (especially given that I had no time to pre-write any of these) but I’ll try my best.

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating this event of which I hold very near and dear to myself. There’s a lot of great writers and awesome people participating, some of whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet and befriend, so be sure to check them all out.

Yours truly,


If you want more information on the 12 days of Anime event and what it’s all about, you check out the Appropriant’s post here!

7 thoughts on “[Twelve] Winter Wonder

  1. *Ahem*


    You know I waited for this post all day? haha.

    I’ve missed seeing you around on twitter and wordpress, but I figured it had something to do with studying and exams. Good luck with the results by the way. Now that 12 days of anime has rolled around you can’t hide from my obnoxious affection any longer. Expect it to be unrelenting for the next 12 (-1) days.

    I’m happy you’ve been seeing snow this year. I live in one of the more northern parts of the UK and yet we haven’t had more than half a cm of snow in the past two years. I’m starting to miss it. All we get is rain and freezing cold winds instead. Doesn’t have the same magic, you know? I like winter though. The cold gives me an excuse to wear tights (I’m a fanatic), that are normally too hot to wear through Summer and Autumn. Vapid, I know. Otherwise, yeah, cold & dark isn’t my aesthetic. It’s never as exciting as it is in anime, but what is?

    Speaking of anime…you were planning on reenacting the love live scene? I hope that’s not a joke, because I’d respect you forever if it’s true…

    See you tomorrow!

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    • …so I was just casually checking my phone when your comment came in parts over my notifs bar and I just about died laughing.

      Oh gosh I’m so sorry for the wait! I too am so very glad to be over all that junk and finally able to do this kind of thing again with ya’ll 🙂
      I’m also both struggling to find my words right now and struggling to hold down my stupid smile so I’ll just have to say that I really, really appreciate the completely not-obnoxious affection.

      That’s a little sad to hear, although not unexpected with all that I’ve heard about the English weather. I do want to visit the UK sometime but I suppose summer’s better after all, haha.

      Acccctually I was referring to Just Because. I’d need a crew of about 8 more people to properly re-enact any sort of Love Live goodness.

      Looking forward to tomorrow! 😀

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      • Oh, it was Just Because?

        I’m still not caught up with that one so I had to stick with Love Live! as my primary guess. Although to be honest the idea of you dancing and singing in the middle of the street while pretending you have backup dancers & group choreography does tickle me.

        See you today! :’)

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