[Eight] The Sound of Reminiscence


A couple weeks ago, my friends and I caught wind of a game that was quickly circulating the anime community: anime music quiz. It was a browser-based game in which you tried to guess the anime associated with a given song and you’d be given points for guessing correctly. It was a simple game and I really didn’t expect us to stick with it for very long but as the days went on, we kept coming back to it.

It was a surprising amount of fun trying (and often failing) to guess the songs of the shows that meant a lot to some of us and very little to others; we learned the true breadth of our combined anime repertoire in these last few weeks. Friendships were reaffirmed, bonds were broken, tastes were brutally judged, and new in-jokes were born into the world. We were reminded of the shows we started together in from first-year when our makeshift group of slackers came together, the series’ we suffered through in second-year when we chose our respective “spite picks of the season”, and the anime we collectively came to love in the years that followed.

With the prospect of graduation and work coming soon to some and having already arrived for others, the abundance of hours that we had to hang out together earlier in our lives was shrinking and had been shrinking for a while now. This semester for me personally had been one of the busiest of my life and in the time I could spare to spend with my friends, there wasn’t a whole lot that we could do. The days of marathon-ing whole series’ and grinding for hours on MMOs were long past us. So for us, the biggest thing that kept us so attached to this simple game was that it was quick to play, easy to stop, and allowed to continue what we’d been doing all this time: just having fun in each other’s company with the things that we’d all grown to love.

Thanks, AMQ – it’s been a blast.

And as always, thanks for reading.



This is my fifth of twelve posts that I’ll be publishing as part of the 12 days of Anime event. Be sure to check out all other amazing writers that are participating in this year’s event here.

4 thoughts on “[Eight] The Sound of Reminiscence

  1. I tried that website out, although I was so intimated by all the different game rooms that I ended up just spectating people instead. One of the first songs that came up was clearly from Kill la Kill, and that gave the game my seal of approval. I really need to try playing more party games like this.

    I remember trying Quiplash earlier this year and that was another fun one you could play with friends. Although I do wish there was an anime edition so I could nerd out more.

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    • Oh, if you haven’t really had a chance to give it a go, maybe we can arrange an ani-blogger’s AMQ session at some point (although finding interested people might be a little hard now that the hype’s died down).

      I’ve played Quiplash with a couple of my buddies before too, it was a good time.
      And we would totally play an anime version if we could, haha. Thanks for the comment~ 🙂

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        • Hm, maybe I’ll try and arrange something then! Although maybe for after Christmas since I can’t see any of my evening being free with all the posts I’ve yet to write, haha.

          I know I’ve seen 8 players in a room before but I’m not certain that that’s the maximum. Either way it should be more than enough room for us all 🙂

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