[Six] Summer’s End


The end of Aqours wasn’t something that I seriously considered before the season started. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I’d convinced myself that their journey had only just begun, that they still had a couple more years to go to catch up to µ’s time.

Even as the story was winding down and the prospect of graduation was brought up, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was just far too soon. “There’s only been two lives!” “Surely the story can’t wrap up so suddenly!” “They haven’t even released half the amount of songs that µ’s released!” The excuses kept piling up in my head and by the time last week’s episode rolled around, all these excuses were silenced. Whether I liked it or not, I’d have to say goodbye to this crew of actresses and characters that I really came to love, and soon.

But there was still one question that remained. It was something that was brought up in an episode from weeks ago that took me aback when I first heard it.

“What was this about immortalizing the name of Aqours?”


This simple request made by the girls of Uranohoshi, was for Aqours to leave something of the school behind to keep this treasured place of theirs from disappearing forever. But even more than that, this plea from their classmates echoed a sentiment that defined the trajectory of the group from their start.

Living in the shadow of giants, the girls of Aqours spent the first season of the show figuring out how they could shine, independent of the legacy of their predecessors. They decided not to chase the shadow of µ’s and find their own way. That was where we were left off at the end of the first season and this second season would be the one where they would hopefully find this intangible brilliance.

But if you ask me, they already had.

They didn’t need anything more to solidify their positions in the hearts of us, the fans. So this season, so filled with actions dedicated to preserving their school and furthermore, immortalizing their name, felt like retreading ground – time better spent elsewhere.

But I guess at the end of the day, as selfish as it sounds and with as little time as is left, all I wanted was to be with these loveable goofballs just a little bit longer.

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3 thoughts on “[Six] Summer’s End


    Like you said in a past article, I missed the muse train right as it was making its final departure. Love Live! Sunshine!! gave me a second chance at capturing the idol experience as it happened. It introduced me to You and the rest of the gang, which gave us some of the most memorable antics out of the combined franchise.

    Saying goodbye won’t be easy, and it definitely doesn’t feel like it has been long enough yet. I suppose I’m not too conscious of whether or not there will be a third love live group, although I wouldn’t be surprised, but even then, I think aqours will always be ‘my’ generation.

    Until the fated day arrives however, I will continue to bury my head in the sand~

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