[Twelve] Waiting for the rain


There was this gloriously tragic moment I had back in April that I think back to often during wintery weeks like these. Off the back of a long day of work and an even longer semester of school, I was greeted with the most brilliant Spring sky that I had ever seen. It felt like a sign of the warmer and brighter days to come and provided some much-needed medicine for my weakened will. At that moment, I even started to wonder if maybe all of my happiest days had been sunny ones and if they always would be – which was an association that was more than little unrealistic but it was nice to think about for the 15 minutes of sunshine I got before the forecasted April snowstorm mercilessly rolled in.

In the time that’s passed since that day in April, my theory has been proven to be largely incorrect but it did remind me of something that I had been meaning to write about for a while now. This was a similar feeling that I felt within Akira in the winter season’s After the Rain in regards to the titular rain, that is, our preoccupation with the circumstances of happy times and how that drives us.


Under the stormy skies, Akira found her first love. Hidden within the walls of the café Garden, she found warmth and shelter, a place to belong and a place for her passion, but her reservations kept her from moving in the direction that she wanted. Her sunlit confession never reached Kondo’s ears, and the sprint of hers that led up to it resulted in an injury that took her away from her precious place.

But things were different when it rained. This is where she could properly convey her feelings to Kondo, where she became fascinated in him and his hobbies, where they spent time together, and where she found the moments of physical intimacy that she longed for. And for the most part, these were no coincidences. These were moments that Akira willed into being by proactively seeking him out and speaking her mind.

Her preoccupation with the rain did initially lead her away from her old passion, but the relationship she forged with Kondo brought back the flames of her forgotten love. It gave her the drive to begin anew and a reason to move forward again.


These coincidental happenings that surround our moments of success or happiness are nothing more than that, but if believing in these things pushes us even one step forward, then they are that much more valuable.

For Akira, it was the rain, and for myself… well, having done this event for the past two years, I’m certainly beginning to associate the dreary winter weather with all this, one of my favorite times of the year and one of my favorite events of the year.

So, I hope that you’ll join me in celebrating this year’s 12 Days of Anime. It’s bound to be a good one.

Thanks for reading,


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