[Six] Somehow I Found Myself with a Lovable Demon Daughter


I was sitting in an Indigo about two weeks before my much-anticipated Japan trip looking for something new to read on the long flight over when I happened upon a certain daughter-themed manga adaptation of a light novel. With a title like, If It’s for my Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord, there was no way in my mind that it’d be anything but a goofy parody series a-la Paying to Win in a VRMMO. But as you might have been able to tell from the title of this post, what I found was not quite what I expected and in the same vein, my intense interest for the series after picking it up was also pretty far from my expectations.

Demon Daughter falls within a certain niche of light novels that tells the story of its main characters through a large part of their lives. We’re first introduced to Dale, a veteran adventurer going through the motions of his daily life. While hunting some less than glamorous prey for a job, he happens upon a young demon girl named Latina by the body of her assumed father. Given the situation, Dale could think of no other recourse but to take her in temporarily before figuring out what to do with this now-orphaned child.

As you might expect from a series like this, Dale eventually decides to take her in permanently and the series goes on to follow their lives together as a family and eventually grows to a much larger scale when the truth of Latina’s past comes to light.

Full disclosure here, the pair’s relationship does eventually become a romantic one which can be a little uncomfortable given the initial age gap and even after adulthood, Latina’s lack of experience as a previously sheltered child does make this fact even harder to swallow. But if there’s any caveat here, it’s that their relationship only seriously develops in this direction after she’s matured both age-wise and emotionally.


That being said, the main draws to the series for me were the familial relationships within the series and the character of Latina herself. Latina is a joy to follow as an enigmatic young girl with a kindness unbefitting of her tragic past. Despite the discrimination she receives as a non-human kid and a harbinger of disaster, she maintains a naively positive outlook on everyone she meets. This nature of hers brings her close with much of the town’s adventurers, further building up this large family of hers – all centered around a single kind girl. And never once does she lose this nature of hers even with all the trials and tribulations that she faces as the series progresses.

It’s a kind of thing that I don’t see terribly often in novels like these and so it makes for an easy recommend around seasonal times like these. The series does seriously drop off tonally in the middle parts with the introduction of the demon lords but when the tone of the series bounces back, it comes back strong.

If this sounds at all interesting to you, do give it a try!

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2 thoughts on “[Six] Somehow I Found Myself with a Lovable Demon Daughter

    • Glad to hear you had a similar experience! I definitely liked tone of the early parts of the series so I’m glad it came back to that tone in the latest volumes ^_^

      Just one volume left, right? Really looking forward to it!

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