[Twelve] Cryin’ my heart in such common places


At the beginning of the year, a couple of friends and I spontaneously decided to watch the first episode of Mob Psycho II while winding down an evening of gaming and hanging out. We were fairly excited to sit down together and catch up with our boy Mob again but there were a few of us that hadn’t watched any part of the series. This, however, certainly didn’t stop any of them from joining in. Going in, I was a little worried that this first episode wouldn’t be a very good indicator of the quality of the series as a whole but as ‘Gray’ played overtop the final sequence of the episode I was more and more certain of how very wrong my expectations had been.

Mob Psycho’s second season was spectacular from start to finish with too many highlights for me to ever hope to capture in a single post, but this first episode really was something special. As a return to series after 3 long years, it masterfully reminded us of what had and hadn’t changed since the start of Mob’s journey and recaptured the peculiarity, the oddball humor, and the warmth that lay at the heart of this series.

And what of the friends that hadn’t watched the show before all this? Well, you’d be unsurprised to hear that they were all bowled over by how good it was, immediately sympathizing with Mob and further cementing the popularity of the best boy amongst my friend group.


Revisiting this episode now after many months filled me with so many fond memories of the emotional highs and lows of the series, and of course, of this one night of shared enthusiasm with some of my closest friends. These moments of watching and talking about anime together have been few and far between this year and the times in which I’ve been able to think a little more about the series I love was fewer still.

This holiday season, I hope to remedy both of these insufficiencies, the latter of which will be resolved with these 12 days posts. I can’t quite call it a theme since ‘writing about stuff I like’ is more or less my modus operandi every year but with the end of the decade fast approaching I think I’ll take the opportunity to touch on a couple of series that I hadn’t quite had the chance talk about.

inspiration 2

Apologies again for yet another long hiatus this year. I can’t ever promise consistency but at the very least I can promise these twelve posts. And with that, I hope you’ll all join myself and all the great writers participating in this year’s 12 Days of Anime.

Thanks for reading,


For more information about the 12 days of Anime project, check out the Appropriant’s post here. Be sure to also check out all the other amazing writers participating this year here!

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