[Seven] The Unseen Torch

It appears that I just can’t go a year without writing about MHA.


As the fourth episode of My Hero Academia’s fourth season played through my time-worn speakers to our little audience of two, I found myself feeling the familiar excitement and anxiousness that came from watching this much-loved series at its emotional heights. Even after three and a half long years, this series is still something I look forward to week after week and this certainly isn’t just the case for little old me. Its wide appeal and consistent popularity have as many reasons to them as the number of folk behind the show, but lately what I’ve appreciated about the series is how beautifully it ties together its themes of family, inspiring heroism, and the cyclic nature of kindness.

Even with the slow introduction of the various everyday poisons of the world, the trajectory of every one of the kids of U.A. continues unperturbed, gradually growing an immense tail for all those looking to the sky for a little bit of hope. For Midoriya, hindsight doesn’t come easy and the path that he’s taken to this point in the series has gone largely unseen to himself – his accomplishments hidden from his own view. However, this trail of his has made a deep and irrefutable mark on the very person who’s done the same for him. Even in the face of death, even when all looked lost, and even after the path forward was well and truly prepared for the ones to come after, All Might fought harder still, kept running, and continues to live on. All to see his bright pupil speak the words that he’s spoken thousands of times before: “I am here.”

Even before being gifted One for All, Midoriya was given a dream and inspiration for the person he wanted to become – a reason to live, one might call it and this ‘power’ once given to Midoriya has now found its way back to his mentor. It’s a ‘One for All’ not bound by the limits set by the series and certainly not bound to the world of My Hero Academia. It’s an incredibly simple thing but I just love how it all comes together in the show built upon the seasons of growth in these up-in-coming heroes.


This season’s shaping up to be the harshest challenge for young Midoriya and the rest of the kids of U.A. With the retirement of the strongest hero behind them, the future is well and truly in the hands of their generation. But with All might’s promise to ride along through to the end of their – sure to be – glorious story, I’m sure some of that weight has been lightened. I, for one, am very looking forward to seeing who will be the next to be inspired to move forward by these bright, new stars.

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This is post number six of twelve that I’ll be writing as part of this year’s 12 Days of Anime. Be sure to check out all other amazing writers that are participating in this year’s event here.

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