Mid-year update


Hey there. It’s… been a while. Or, well, I suppose that it hasn’t been that long since my last post here but it certainly has been some time since my last update post. My life’s been pretty hectic in the last couple months but not so busy that the possibility of blogging was zero however for a lot of reasons I held off on publishing anything until last month. I won’t go too far into the nitty-gritty of these reasons but I figured that I owed some kind of explanation for amazing people that still follow this little blog of mine, as well as an update on the blog and myself.

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1 Year of Ani-blogging


One year, huh? Time has seriously flown since I started this little blog of mine. These past twelve months have been some of the busiest times of my life and maintaining a blog even semi-regularly definitely added more to my plate than necessary. But I don’t regret any of the time I spent here or on Twitter at all. Back when I first started this thing, my decision to create this place was a step far outside my comfort zone and looking back at it now, I’m not even sure how I managed to go through with it given how much more anxious I was back then. That’s not to say that all that anxiety’s completely gone now but after conversing and connecting with people on twitter, seeing positive reactions to my writing, and just by being around people that I admire as not-just-another-lurker, my confidence has really soared. This comfy place I’m at now, the amazing people I’ve come to meet online or even in person, and all the things I’ve checked off my personal ani-blogging bucket list, all of it came about from that single tiny step I made one year ago. I’m satisfied with my ani-blogging journey thus far and if I needed to call it quits right now, I’d honestly be okay with it.

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Update: Six months and counting


Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since my last update post (and yes, I will say this in every single update post) and since some things have come up that’ll affect the blog, I figured that I’d write another one of these things. Also, as of tomorrow, it will have been six months since I created “A Carriage Return”. Woohooo.

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Update: Directions and Rambling


So it’s been a little while since my last update post and I’ve been thinking a lot lately – about the blog, and where to go with it, and what-not. Things have been a little quiet over here. I’ve been putting out weekly impressions posts but nothing that I’d consider to be a “real post” – which is weird to say (more on this later). I’ve been itching to write something a little more substantial for a while now, but I haven’t the time to actually work on it…. Which is one of the many excuses that I gave myself to not put out anything other than the weekly stuff. Like I said, I’ve been thinking a lot about a lot of things and I kind of want to put it to words. It’s easier to verbalize in parts so I’ll break it down into sections. But be warned there’s a lot of text and rambling, so I’ll probably put in a short summary (i.e. an actual update) at the bottom.

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Carriage Returns!

Hey there!

So… It’s been a while. Turns out “soon” equates to something like a month for me. For all 1 of you out there that are still following me, I’m back!

Or rather, I’m finally here to start.

The last month has been a combination of decent starts, horrible realizations of mediocrity, exhaustion from work, and a whole lot of Overwatch.

I couldn’t seem to find the motivation to put something out and every idea I thought of was quickly shut down for one reason or another. The goal for this blog was to give me some writing practice and to have a place where I could put my thoughts and ideas. Half of this seemed to work out – I’m writing a lot more than usual, but the whole “putting out my thoughts” thing didn’t seem to really happen.

So what’s the plan going forward? Well I’ve decided to do something to challenge myself to publish regularly (for a little while at least) by participating in the 12 days of anime.

For those who don’t know, the “12 days of anime” is a challenge for anime bloggers to write twelve articles over twelve days starting on December 14th and ending on Christmas day, December 25th. Over these twelve days, ani-bloggers will be writing about “a moment of anime from this year” that’s affected them in some way.

This means that I’ll be writing and publishing twelve articles.


I’ll probably keep the posts short – to save on time (and sanity), but consistent. So I don’t plan on dropping a single day on over these twelve. If this thing works out, I’ll hopefully have more motivation to write again later. Fingers crossed.

So to start out the twelve days, here’s my first article on “Winter blues” (only tangentially related to a “moment of anime” from this year). As a side note, I’d like to thank Emily (formeinfullbloom) for both introducing me to the 12 days and Yuyushiki in her excellent twelve days post from last year. You might not know who I am, but you-da-best.

Here’s hoping I post more just one article.

Thanks for reading,



Here’s a link to Emily’s Yuyushiki article at formeinfullbloom: click!

And you can find a better summary of the twelve days here at perpetualmorning: click me too!


A New Line

Hey you,

Welcome to my blog! For a long time, I’ve wanted to start something like this to get my thoughts and ideas out; as well, I wanted to have a space to practice my writing. So for those out there that’ll give me their time, I thank you ahead of time.

Here’s a little about me: I’m a huge fan of anime, manga, and related Japanese things. My all time favourite anime is Hyouka – a 2012 anime by the studio Kyoto Animation. I generally enjoy all anime, but I have a soft spot for slice-of-life anime and character focused stories. I try to live my life with a certain level of positivity and so I focus on the positive themes and ideas in anime and sometimes shy away from the more pessimistic shows (although I do find some of them fascinating).

I think it’s important to lay all of this out now so that you know what to expect in my coming write-ups. If I sound like the type of person you’d like to follow, feel free to!

I myself follow quite a few ani-bloggers. Here’s a short list of ’em: B0bduh at wrongeverytimeiblessall at mageinabarrelEmily at formeinfullbloomGuy at geekornerZero at zerojustice, and many more. All of these people are amazing and insightful writers and they’ve inspired me to start this whole mess of a project. Even if you decide to never come back here, please give these people a click. I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking.

And that’s it from me for now. I’m looking to put out something very soon (assuming I actually get going with writing), so look forward to that. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all soon.

If you have any comments, suggestions, complaints, existential crises that need resolution, or anything else, leave a comment and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks again!