[Three] Crumbling Pillars

Note: Spoiler warning for the third season of My Hero Academia


A year and a half ago, I wrote about a hypothetical point of no return for the kids of My Hero Academia. A moment when the ignorance of youth and the freedom from responsibility as children, no longer becomes an option. It was hypothetical because I, like Midoriya and the others, mistakenly thought that this moment would come at a point much later in the future.

But then it came. Suddenly, and mercilessly.

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An Endeavor for Tomorrow


The latest episode of My Hero Academia, titled ‘Climax’ featured the end of the climactic fight between the Hero-killer Stain and the trifecta of Midoriya, Todoroki, and Iida. The fight was spotlighted in the episode as it should be, but I found myself drawn more to something else in this episode. The object of my intrigue wasn’t something – or rather someone, that I ever expected so this came as a bit of a surprise to me. So much so, that I felt the need to write about it.

This person is Endeavor – the number two hero.

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Spring 2017 – Final Thoughts


I honestly can’t believe that we’re already at the end of the season but here we are 12 weeks in and the summer season is closing in quick. I wasn’t entirely sure if I had time to do this for spring, but with a 4-day reprieve in between the summer semesters I’ve found a little bit of time to get back into writing. Luckily things haven’t been too busy for anime so I’ve managed to finish a good amount of shows – and some real good shows at that.

This season of anime has been one of the more enjoyable ones from recent memory and naturally that means that there’s a lot for me to talk about. So without any further ado, let’s talk anime.

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Spring 2017 – First Impressions (Part 1)

Sorry for the late post people. I wanted to push this one back for my ‘Your Name’ one and then I was busy the next day. But it’s here now!


So we’re about a week into the season and a whole bunch of premieres have come and gone! As I promised in my winter wrap-up post, I will once again be going through and talking about the premieres that I got around to watching. There’s still a couple shows that haven’t started yet and there’s a few that I’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t, so this’ll likely be the first of two impressions posts. With all that happened last season, I’ve dialed back my expectations so hopefully I’ll find more than two shows that I’ll enjoy.

Any who, let’s talk anime.

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