Irreconcilable Differences


Episode 8 of Re:Creators made waves in my corner of the anime community in a way that I certainly didn’t expect. The show’s one hell of a spectacle which is not a surprise given some of the big names on staff, but Re:Creators delivers from its action-oriented, wide-reaching production, ideas that are honestly really interesting. The show doesn’t spend too much time dwelling on these things though and I honestly can’t say for sure that the show has a concrete message, but it’s still fun to speculate. This episode in particular ended off in such a way that one could simply write it off as shock factor, but I’d like to think that there was a little more meaning to its explosive end.

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Update: Six months and counting


Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since my last update post (and yes, I will say this in every single update post) and since some things have come up that’ll affect the blog, I figured that I’d write another one of these things. Also, as of tomorrow, it will have been six months since I created “A Carriage Return”. Woohooo.

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I Met a Frog Online and Now I Can’t Stop Reading Light Novels (again)!


Almost five months ago, I wrote a post for my 12 Days of Anime series regarding my experience with light novels. In that post, I talked mostly about my conflicting feelings for the medium as well as touching a little bit on the power of familiarity in long running series like the ones I followed. At the time, I wasn’t expecting any of my posts, let alone that rant, to attract very much attention but soon after I posted it, I got a comment from a certain Frog-kun. I didn’t know it at the time, but his suggestions would eventually reignite my passion for light novels.

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Spring 2017 – First Impressions (Part 2)


Just about all the premieres have completed their run by now and so, I’m back with another impressions post! I hope everyone’s got their fill of shows this season; I for one am very happy about the turn out this time around. I’m following a couple more shows than last season but in general, I’ve been enjoying the one’s I’ve picked up a lot more than in the past season. That begin said, there are a couple shows that aren’t quite up to par, which is a little sad to see.

Any-who, there’s a ton of shows that I got around to watching this week that I want to talk about so let’s get started.

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Spring 2017 – First Impressions (Part 1)

Sorry for the late post people. I wanted to push this one back for my ‘Your Name’ one and then I was busy the next day. But it’s here now!


So we’re about a week into the season and a whole bunch of premieres have come and gone! As I promised in my winter wrap-up post, I will once again be going through and talking about the premieres that I got around to watching. There’s still a couple shows that haven’t started yet and there’s a few that I’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t, so this’ll likely be the first of two impressions posts. With all that happened last season, I’ve dialed back my expectations so hopefully I’ll find more than two shows that I’ll enjoy.

Any who, let’s talk anime.

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Remember that feeling: Thoughts on ‘Your Name’


Yesterday night was the night that I finally got to watch Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name. I went with a small group of friends and we all, more or less, enjoyed the experience a lot. As customary with this kind of thing, we chatted for a bit about our impressions of the movie, the things we liked, the emotions we felt, and so on and so forth. It was pretty late by the time we exited the theatre and some of us had things they needed to do the next day so we decided to call it night. After we said our goodbyes, a close friend of mine drove my sister and I home. On the car ride back, I asked him how he felt about the movie. He’s the type of person that never really goes in depth in explaining his opinion, but he’s also the kind of person who knows a lot and thinks in depth about a lot of things. So when he gave his one sentence impression of the film, I was a little confused at first, but then I realized what he meant – and realized how much it echoed my feelings for the film exactly.

He said, “The movie was sad.”

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Winter 2017 – Final Thoughts

This might be a bit obvious, but spoiler warning.

So we have finally arrived at the end of the season! Well sort of. Most of the winter anime ended last week and we’ve already had some premieres so this post is more than a little late. The reason I postponed the post until today was because of Maid Dragon. I wanted to put all my final thoughts in a single post and since Maid Dragon was one of few shows that I really enjoyed this season, I figured that it’d be worth it to push this post back. And so that brings us to today!

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The Passionate Fan: I’m not one, but I want to be!



So a couple days ago, I finally got to experience Aqours’ first live (a Love Live concert, for the uninitiated) in a theatre filled with hundreds of crazy and awesome fans. Being able to see the performance in such a high energy environment made the whole thing way more enjoyable. People were out of their seats screaming, crying, and singing along to the songs that we’ve all probably listened to a million times. Yup, everybody wore their passion on them like a badge for everyone to see (sometimes literally).

…And then there was me. Sitting quietly like a dead fish in a sea of coelacanths.

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