[One] Hello you, Hello me


Almost exactly a year ago, I had an idea for a blog post that came from this tweet of Hag’s; it would’ve been an entire post talking about my favorite Japanese word. This piece would’ve been my first blog post of the year had it gone out and I sometimes wonder if publishing it would have motivated me to more regularly post on this blog of mine in 2018.

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[Two] All We’re Given

Note: Spoiler warning for Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms


It’s been a couple months since that fateful day in August when I had the opportunity to watch Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms on my flight back from Japan. I remember sitting for a long while as the credits rolled thinking about just how resonant the film was to me but also not really being able to point precisely to why. At the time, I attributed it to the tiredness that came with being on a long-haul flight but in the months that passed since then, I still hadn’t really been able to nail down the reasons for my feelings. That is, until now.

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[Three] Crumbling Pillars

Note: Spoiler warning for the third season of My Hero Academia


A year and a half ago, I wrote about a hypothetical point of no return for the kids of My Hero Academia. A moment when the ignorance of youth and the freedom from responsibility as children, no longer becomes an option. It was hypothetical because I, like Midoriya and the others, mistakenly thought that this moment would come at a point much later in the future.

But then it came. Suddenly, and mercilessly.

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[Four] Carriage’s Adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun

There was this one distinct building that I remember in or around Gero, a town that we were passing through on our redirected ride to Takayama. It seemed to be the only “high-rise” building in an otherwise flat city surrounded by the ring of mountains that defined the area. I’m not sure what the thought was behind such a distinct, yet unremarkable building but I came to liken that building to a lot of my experience in Japan – surrounded by absolute heights, somewhat awkwardly placed, and certainly standing out, but reaching out, regardless, to those heights.


Unfortunately, I was too tired/lost in thought on the train ride up and didn’t get a picture of the actual building so here’s a picture of some Gifu mountains.

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[Five] On the Minute Moments of Resounding Impact

Note: Spoiler warning for Liz and the Blue Bird


Sometimes I can’t be sure of how exactly my sister might receive something. Earlier in our lives, we were less different people, as abnormally close siblings, but naturally, we’ve diverged since entering adulthood. And so, as the credits rolled on Liz and the Blue Bird – our Christmas movie of choice, I worried for a moment if she came out of that movie feeling the same way I did. Fortunately, I had nothing to worry about as the moment we turned to each other as the credits rolled, we exchanged a look that spoke to how crazy good that thing we just watched, was.

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[Six] Somehow I Found Myself with a Lovable Demon Daughter


I was sitting in an Indigo about two weeks before my much-anticipated Japan trip looking for something new to read on the long flight over when I happened upon a certain daughter-themed manga adaptation of a light novel. With a title like, If It’s for my Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord, there was no way in my mind that it’d be anything but a goofy parody series a-la Paying to Win in a VRMMO. But as you might have been able to tell from the title of this post, what I found was not quite what I expected and in the same vein, my intense interest for the series after picking it up was also pretty far from my expectations.

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[Eight] Sweet Dreams of Amanchu


Amanchu holds a special place in my heart as a series that really kept me together in the busiest points of the fall semester. Watching an episode before bed each day was as relaxing and enjoyable as you might expect out of an excellent iyashikei like this one and it certainly did contribute to some of the more pleasant dreams I had during that stress-ridden month.

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[Nine] “It’s a leap of faith”

Note: This may contain spoilers for SSSS. Gridman up to episode 11 and as much as the title might imply it, this will not be related to Spiderman~


Reaching out is a hard thing.

It’s a kind of problem that comes with being an anxious person, especially on the internet when connections feel so transient and so impersonal. And yet, the desire to reach out to others, especially those that you care about, so greatly weighs on the side of hitting that ‘Send Tweet’ button. But more often than not, the result lands on resounding silence.

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently and in no small part because of a certain SSSS. Gridman.

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[Ten] Meeting Kiyono Yasuno and the Weirdness of Seiyuu Fandom


If I had to pick one big point of change in my interests over the last year, I would immediately jump to a new sort of “fandom” that I fell into in the early months of 2018. “Fandom” in quotes because it’s a little hard to associate that word in my mind with the kind of generalized thing I’ve now found myself fairly deep into but there really isn’t a better word to describe. That very thing in which I’ve become so invested in for the last 12 months is, of course, seiyuu – or Japanese voice actors.

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