[One] Passion


Passion, love, interest, attachment, regardless of how you put it, it’s something that I’ve had a bit of an obsession with over this last year. Everywhere I went, in everything I read, and with everyone I spoke to, this idea always came to mind in one form or another. This kind of thing feels almost fundamental to us; its abundance or absence can easily dictate how we choose to live our lives, and this is especially the case, I find, in the communities that I’ve associated myself so closely to. It’s something that I really love to see and something I’ve struggled to find for myself this year.

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[Two] Siblings


Family is perhaps one of my most favorite themes in anime and fiction in general. These stories depicting the relationships between very different people tied together not by convenience, mutual material benefit, or obligation, but because of some inherently human desire stay connected to the ones we are close to, have always resonated with me strongly. But within this genre, one kind of familial relationship has always held a special place in me because of its importance in my life: the sibling relationship.

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[Eight] The Sound of Reminiscence


A couple weeks ago, my friends and I caught wind of a game that was quickly circulating the anime community: anime music quiz. It was a browser-based game in which you tried to guess the anime associated with a given song and you’d be given points for guessing correctly. It was a simple game and I really didn’t expect us to stick with it for very long but as the days went on, we kept coming back to it.

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[Nine] Fool’s Gold


The buzz around Re: Creators fell off pretty quickly after its halfway point at the start of the summer season and by the end of its runtime I could count the number of people I knew that were still following it on one hand (myself included). With how flawed the show was, I could see why so many people decided not to continue with it but as a story centralized around creators and the creative process, with a focus on encouraging would-be creators to well, create – I personally found a lot of enjoyment in watching the series to see what it wanted to say to relative newcomers like myself.

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